EP, 2013

Record Studio: Frost Magnetic Rec.

Release Date: 26 March, 2013

Released by: Nash Format

CD:  Buy It Now

About the album

«Without any exaggeration, each second of it is filled with a positive mood which is felt by the listener. Frankly speaking, it is not very easy to listen to this music sitting down. «Percha» is a musical reflection of a cultural whirpool, formed by the merger of the folklore of people in the Transcarpathian region, Carpathian-Balkan motifs, and an eccentric blend of different modern styles of music such as folk-rock, punk, funk, ska, rock-n-roll. These irresistible tunes go on to combine Hungarian Csárdás with passionate gypsy motifs, Romanian diversity, and Hutsul spontaneity.»

-Dmitrij V., Kyiv Rock Club (Read the original article)
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