LP, 2021

Recorded: Oleg Oreshikov ( SOLIST Studio), Vitalik Levshakov

Mixed & Mastered:  COLOORSUN Music

Released: 10 January, 2021


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Vocals, acoustic guitar: Pavlo Genov,
Trumpet, vocals, back-vocals: Volodymyr Shchobak,
Drums: Igor Magada,
Bass: Andriy Shapovalov,
Accordion: Stanislav Mykultsya,
Guitar: Arsen BabychenkoSergiy YelaginKristofer Bobik (song Karpatos),
Scratches: DJ Vibes.

Musai is a unique Transcarpathian word that has a much broader meaning than its Hungarian prototype "muszáj", which means "must". For us, "musay" means not only "to act" because it must, but on the contrary - to act purposefully, intentionally, concentrated, accurately, purposefully, uncompromisingly and in time, being in a free, unfettered state. Our friend, an Aikido coach, often compares these things - music and martial arts, and we totally agree with him. So, you have to live, you have to play, you have to listen, must love!

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