Oleg Varfolomejev

Director Of Photography:
Segiy Varfolomejev

Creative Producer:
Vyacheslav Yegorov

Production: FINT Studio

About the clip

The work on the video clip started in June, 2013. The band set out to capture, in their common mind, that which would most accurately reflect the band’s character in its debut video clip. Its production took place from June 24th to July 4th in Uzhgorod and the surrounding area. At the beginning of August, production work on the clip was finished and it was officially released.

Oleg Varfolomejev, a film director:

 - In the clip, I wanted to show the energy and assertiveness of the Trystavisim band along with a common eternal search for meaning, which is a characteristic pursuit of any new band.

The idea and sound for the piece had been in our minds during numerous concerts and jam sessions. In the song, one can trace an interweaving of the band’s favorite musical styles: jazz and Balkan motifs in the trumpet parts, unusual rhythms in percussion, a lyrical digression of accordion with a touch of drama and mysticism, riff driven guitar parts. However, the main idea of the piece is to remove the listener from an everyday life and routine by telling a few simple stories and immersing the listener into an atmosphere of madness and movement, as born on the Transcarpathian landscape.

The song Dislocatsia is a single from the Percha EP album, which was released by the band in the spring of 2013.

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